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Notoriously Morbid Jan’18 VC

Notoriously Morbid Jan’18 Vanishing Cabinet “The Midnight society Vol 1”

Hola! Welcome to my very first makeup post on the blog! Let’s start off by a quick rundown of the brand, and what the VC is all about. Notoriously Morbid is based out of West Virginia and they are hands down one of my favorite indie makeup brands. Here I have found some of the most unique eye shadow pigments and their customer service is bar none. The Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly beauty themed subscription. Usually based off pop culture, movies, books, etc. It’s $13.25 USD domestic and $20.00 USD for international subscribers.


 The first installment of the 2018 vanishing cabinet has 4 shimmery eye shadows (Top swatches will be over shadow bind, bottom is dry) and a new product to NM, a finishing powder.  Continue reading “Notoriously Morbid Jan’18 VC”

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Why I left youtube – What now?

Hello…it’s me. 🎵😀

You may know me from following my social media accounts. Either from YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat. So, in that case, you must know that I was doing YouTube videos at one point. I had my channel for a couple years, and it always remained a pretty small channel as far as subscriber count goes. That really never bothered me, I knew that in order to “make it” on YouTube I needed to invest a ton of money into filming equipment, setup, etc. That was honestly something I was never willing to do, you see this was purely an outlet – a hobby for me. A hobby that over time began to feel like a chore,  Continue reading “Why I left youtube – What now?”