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Crafty Friday! – Bird House

Welcome to Crafty Fridays!


Introducing a new series to the blog that I think a lot of moms will appreciate! Here I’ll be featuring different crafts that my kids and I create. Crafts are a great way to keep the little ones entertained, get their creature juices flowing, and it’s always a fun bonding time. Today we’ll be featuring my 7 year old son, Alexander, and the Made by Me Bird House from Wal-Mart. This adorable little house is only $9.97.


This little kit comes with everything you will need including easy to follow instructions. However, the one thing I will suggest is to get a bigger brush. The one in the kit is perfect for detailing, but it’s too small for painting bigger areas. Luckily, I have a lot of spare makeup brushes he can use.


 First, you assemble the bird house, which he found to be super easy!


Next, put down something to protect your work area. Kids + Paint = a messy formula! He also changed into something that we don’t mind staining. This part was his favorite, he picked the colors and the design. He said he wanted it to resemble our first home, which made my heart melt!




Overall it was such a fun project, he absolutely loved it! Now all we need is bird food to lure all the little birdies into our yard, muahaha. That’s it for today’s craft, let me know if you’ll be trying this with your kiddos!


xo, Cinthia