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Notoriously Morbid Jan’18 VC

Notoriously Morbid Jan’18 Vanishing Cabinet “The Midnight society Vol 1”

Hola! Welcome to my very first makeup post on the blog! Let’s start off by a quick rundown of the brand, and what the VC is all about. Notoriously Morbid is based out of West Virginia and they are hands down one of my favorite indie makeup brands. Here I have found some of the most unique eye shadow pigments and their customer service is bar none. The Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly beauty themed subscription. Usually based off pop culture, movies, books, etc. It’s $13.25 USD domestic and $20.00 USD for international subscribers.


 The first installment of the 2018 vanishing cabinet has 4 shimmery eye shadows (Top swatches will be over shadow bind, bottom is dry) and a new product to NM, a finishing powder. 


I’m very exciting, yet a little bit skeptical over this finishing powder. Skeptical because these powders tend to give my olive skin tone a white cast, and ya girl ain’t trying to look casket ready just yet. However, it feels very soft and even on my hand I felt the smoothing/blurring effect. It contains kaolin clay, which is used to dry and soften the skin – if you’re a fellow oily gal, you know this is what we need! Needles to say, I’m excited to try this and pray that it work for me.


 First up is Help Me; now this one looks ashy on my skin tone, but as you can see the shadow bind really helps. This is a light green base with golden shimmer and copper sparkles.


Submitted For The Approval is a vibrant pink orange base with golden orange shimmer and multi colored sparkles. This one is vibrant and beautiful even without the help of Shadow Bind!


Give It Back is a maroon with purple and pink shimmer with multi colored sparkles. Now this one is really loaded with sparkles, however you can see in the dry swatch that it’s quite sheer. Purple tones are notorious for being hard to formulate, so I understand. Shadow Bind helped a little bit, but I still had to layer it a couple times. I think I’ll use this one as an eye shadow topper.


To Trap A Creature Of Night is a satin warm brown. This one’s definitely my favorite! It’s smooth and pigmented, and the shadow bind gives it that amazing wet metallic look!



That’s it for this month’s VC, let me know what you think! Do you want me to showcase the VC every month?


xo, Cinthia

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